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The central emphasis of visualizing Maharishi Solar was to solve the energy problem by connecting it to the bountiful and perpetual reservoir of Mother Nature. Thus, with a vision to provide a natural source of Energy at affordable prices, Maharishi Solar, a part of the worldwide Maharishi Organization has established its presence in the Solar Industry as it completes nearly ten years of successful operations.

Maharishi Technology Corporation (P) Ltd., has its corporate Office in Delhi and manufacturing facilities at Noida, Uttar Pradesh.
Maharishi Solar has set up a vertically integrated manufacturing facility at Srikalahasti, Andhra Pradesh, India for manufacturing solar grade Polysilicon, Multicrystalline Ingots, Wafers, Multi & Mono-crystalline Solar Cells, Modules and SPV Systems
A complete module line has also been set up NOIDA to cater to the growing demand.

Maharishi Solar is the only company having facility in India to make Multicrystalline Wafers and is the first company in India to produce Solar Photovoltaic Modules with Mutlicrystalline Cells.
Maharishi Solar has adopted innovative technology by manufacturing Multicrystalline Silicon Solar Wafers. It is, perhaps, for the fist time that a project has been set up for making Multicrystalline Solar Silicon Wafers in India.
Maharishi Solar is the first to introduce Anti-Reflection coating on Monocrystalline Cells and also the first in India to have the required setup for manufacturing solar Grade Polysilicon.

Maharishi Solar also designs, engineers and manufactures a wide range of Solar Water Heaters, Solar Air Conditioning Systems, Swimming Pool Heating etc. for various Residential, Commercial & Industrial projects.
All components are manufactured in-house and with stringent control over Quality, Delivery and after-sales service.

Maharishi Solar has technological tie-ups with World leaders in the field of Solar Steam Generation and Power Generation by developing Parabolic Concentrators and has the required technical know-how for manufacturing and designing the equipment, with operations underway.
The aim of Maharishi Solar is to provide solar electricity, especially to the rural population while ensuring quality. In the same direction, the Company has installed Solar Power Plants at Uttar Pradesh and some remote areas of Chhatisgarh.
In a very short time, the company has established its marketing network in Delhi/NCR, Rajasthan, Maharasthra, Gujarat, Chhatisgarh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala etc. including clients from both Public and Private sectors.

Apart from the domestic market as described above, the Company has exported its products to various countries across the globe including USA, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore and many more.
Maharishi Solar has a dedicated and active R&D team of scientists and engineers with vast experience in various renewable energy technologies that keep up with the latest technologies and continuously improvise on our products.->
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Our goal is to make every industry successful and fulfilling in a scientific and systematic way, which means it has to function in accordance with the laws of Nature. Realization of the Vedic quality in any industry will be through Vedic Education, Vedic Health Care and Vedic Administration.

All areas that constitute industry must be supported by Vedic Consciousness which alone is holistic consciousness and which is supported by the total creative potential of Nature Law - all the forty aspects of the Veda and Vedic Literature.

Only the Vedic Consciousness of those in charge of industry can create a balanced industry, which will support all values of individual life and its relationship with family, community, country and the world, and with its cosmic counterparts - the sun, the moon, the stars and the galaxies.

This knowledge of Natural law, on the level of industry, will make industry truly Vedic. Now it is time for every industry in India, big or small, to celebrate the Dawn of Perfection - the Vedic quality of Industry.

- Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is widely regarded as the foremost scientist in the field of consciousness, and considered to be the greatest teacher in the contemporary world. Maharishi Ji has completely restored the scattered Vedic Literature which was lost since years.

The achievements of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi are profound in the field of knowledge and immense in the field of action.

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Maharishi Solar is dedicated to the manufacture of world-class Solar Energy Equipments, Devices and providing complete Solutions in Solar Energy.

Our Quality policy are as follows:-

  • To provide most reliable and dependable quality products.
  • To achieve product standards to become bench marks in the world market.
  • To produce defect free products.
  • To develop all the employees to achieve their full potential through leadership, education and training.
  • Maharishi solar is the brand name of the products Manufactured by Maharishi Technology Corporation (P) Ltd.

The staff of Maharishi Technology Corporation (P) Ltd. are dedicated to achieve the objectives as set forth in quality policy.

As a world-leading renewable energy company and a leader in providing global green energy solutions, Maharishi Solar understands that initiatives are important to achieving a sustainable energy future and thus contributes to the industry through active membership in leading industry associations.

Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council New Delhi
Indo-German Chamber of Commerce
Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry New Delhi
India Trade Promotion Organization (A Government of India Enterprise) New Delhi
Export promotion Council for EOUs & SEZs New Delhi